Autism and Special Needs Conference

Maiden conference took
place in November 2023. Over 150 parents, school heads and therapists
attended this conference over two days. A wide range of topics were
discussed by Autism experts. Parents were given the platform to share
their challenges and encourage each other. Health professionals and
Autism therapists were taught about standard care and practice in Autism
treatments. Our hope is to make this an annual conference.

Special Education Webinar

This is a subsidized webinar mainly for
teachers and educators to advocate for Inclusive Education and train
professionals on how to educate children in an inclusive environment as
stipulated by the SDG 4.

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Parents Roundtable Discussion

This is a recurring virtual program
 intended to educate parents, health professionals and educators about
Child Health and Child Development. It also serves as a platform to advocate for children. It is currently in its fourth season.